I decided to be a physicist when I was eight, because I had a lot of questions. That decision was cemented in high school, because lasers are awesome.

When starting my BSc, I added computer science pretty much on a whim, and I was hooked. I started out as a physicist and programmer, and gradually became a programmer for physicists and now I program for neurobiologists at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

I love programming and seeing my code actually work (totally awesome). I like programming in different languages and understanding the subtle differences between them. Things that I think are cool (and that I have time to write up) I publish here :)

You can check out my Gitlab page here: . My projects include code for my articles here on Medium, as well as code for my abstract videos, also available on 


Danielle H

Danielle H

I started programming in LabVIEW and Matlab, and quickly expanded to include Android, Swift, Flutter, Web(PHP, HTML, Javascript), Arduino and Processing.