Space Short is out!

Finally, my open source game is live on Google Play and online

Danielle H
2 min readNov 17, 2023

After brainstorming, debugging and dithering, my open source ad-free game is out.

I created an awesome trailer using kdenlive. It's a free and open source video editor, and I realized pretty quickly that it was capable of everything I wanted, including a bunch of stuff I don’t even know to ask. And it’s surprisingly easy to use.

I created endless screenshots, and feature graphics, and icons, and short and long descriptions.

I argued with my Unity about a bunch of weird things. Why is the in the build window when all other publishing parameters are in the Player window? Why is this file so ridiculously large? Why is Unity Billing automatically included in my project when I have no in-app purchases? Why, Unity, why?

And don’t get me started on the utterly counter-intuitive process to add a custom font to a game… Actually, do get me started. That will be in another post.

But in the end, it’s done.

Play it online here. Available at Google Play here. And check out the source code:


I hope that this game gives some distraction to all who need it at this terrible time. #BringThemBackHome.



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